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2014 - Liturgy and History

The theme of the 2014 conference was Liturgy and History. In the year when National and Church bodies are preparing for public commemoration of the outbreak of the First World War,  the Society for Liturgical Study felt it timely to use its bienniel conference to bring the relationship of liturgy and history under scrutiny.

The conference theme was defined in a deliberately broad way. At a time of increasing challenge to the way the faith is expressed and with a renewed interest in ancient patterns of prayer within Fresh Expression and Alternative Worship communities, the way we approach our history and how we draw on our past are of vital importance to the mission of the church in the current age.

The Programme of Papers and Communications given was as follows:

The Westminster Retable: A Liturgical Reading

The Revd Dr Gordon Jeanes

Did they shape our worship, and should they have?

The Church of England Liturgical Commission of 1964

The Rt Revd Colin Buchanan

Out of the Furnace

archive broadcast on worship in the trenches, followed by discussion

The Revd Canon Dr Donald Gray

Church Service Society: Oldest English Language Liturgical Society?

Revd James Stewart

On the Wrong Side of History?

The Case of William Whittingham, Dean of Durham 1563-1579    

The Revd Professor Bryan Spinks

The Liturgy of the Last Gospel

J W Bunce

Revisiting Casel's mystery theology
historical research in the archives of the Abbey of the Holy Cross, Herstelle

Revd Andreas Wenzel

The disturbing power of liturgy

the significance of antistructure in the writing of Aidan Kavanagh

The Revd Dr Jonathan How

Little Eric and Big Tom go to school: the use and influence of Anglican liturgy
in children’s education in the mid-late nineteenth century

The Revd Catherine Haynes

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Anamnesis in Liturgy

a Theological Consideration

The Revd Charles Read

And the Lawe Runneth After:

Rubrics and Reality in the First Prayer Book of Edward

Dr Stefan Scot

Dipping Wood in Water: Ambrose, the Cross and Baptism in Milan

Revd Dr James Steven