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The Biennial Conference 2018

The 40th Anniversary Meeting

Remembrance of things Past, Present and Future

Dates From Tuesday 28 to Thursday 30 August 2018
the Mirfield Liturgical Institute at the College of the Resurrection,
Mirfield, West Yorkshire, UK

Keynote Address: Professor Bryan Spinks

Selective liturgical anamnesis.
Authenticating the present with an imagined past.

Professor Spinks writes: that he would hope this includes  “… a discussion on historical method and memory, and how the brain remembers, selecting things to either affirm or question the present. I then propose two case studies of Conrad Noel using the ‘English use’ at Thaxted and how he linked this to Socialism; and Divine Worship: The Missal of the ordinariate and Anglican identity”

Details of the Conference and the Call Papers will be published here soon