The Society for Liturgical Study
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2006 Conference

Keynote Lecture

Priesthood and Sacrifice  In an Anglican Context     

Rt Revd Colin Buchanan

The Programme of other Papers and Communications given was as follows:

Liturgical Formation: Reflections on teaching liturgy    

Revd Dr Robin Gibbons

Sequence for the Feasts of St John Baptist

Revd John Chamberlin

Revised Common Lectionary Weekday Readings: Strengths & Weaknesses

Revd Canon Brian Mayne

Re-Coding Da Vinci: The Myth of the Last Supper &  Contemporary Eucharistic Devotions  

Dr Martin Stringer

Boy Oh Boy Inclusive Language in Three Traditions     

Revd Charles Read

Liturgical Narrative     

Dr Juliette Day

Gathering For Worship Guiding & Resourcing Baptist Worship     

Revd Dr Chris Ellis

* The Liturgist and the Bishops: The Case of F E Brightman     

Dr Bridget Nichols

* Clarifying the concept of “Leonine Authorship” of liturgical prayer      

Dr Thomas Whelan

30 Years of News of Liturgy: The Late 20th Century Blog    

Revd Dr James Steven

* starred papers have since been published in Anaphora